Posted by: garispang | May 26, 2009

God Is “Our Mind And In Our Mind”

What is God?
I see God as residing in our mind. In fact He is our mind itself!

God or the Big Bang (or both)?
God is everything around us including the Big Bang, the universal forces of attraction & repulsion, time, space and all that has been convincingly explained by science. There is a theory for every phenomenon and if we don’t have one, then there are several hypotheses.
The reality is that none of us existed when Big Bang happened, so the theories which seem to explain the origin and other associated physical phenomenon such as gravitational forces, nuclear forces, etc originated from our Mind, in other words from God!

God or Darwin (or both) ?
Evolution of mankind and all other living matter, is indeed a science like the study of the Big Bang. While the Big Bang is a macro phenomenon, evolution is micro. Things evolve constantly to suit and survive the new environment. We are programmed to do so. Who has programmed us? Believers in God would differ from the atheists in answering this question. But, it’s our mind (not brain) that drives us to evolve or change from our current state.

God or Darfur? (How can Darfur happen if there is God?)
I repeat, God is our mind and in our mind. Our mind creates thoughts, and thoughts translate to actions. Results from these actions may be perceived to be good or bad.
Bad thoughts too originate from our mind (God). It is unreasonable to demand that only good thoughts be created. Then there wouldn’t be much for us to do. This question assumes that God = Good, which is incorrect. In reality God = Good = Bad!
The very existence of something can be proved only by disproving its non-existence. That’s why duality exists in nature – good/bad, male/female, positive/negative, push/pull, attract/repel, bright/dark, rich/poor and so on. So if poverty, cruelty, injustice and genocide are all created by God (our mind), till such time God exists, these will exist too!

Who is God’s God?
There are no super gods and demi-gods! Have you ever wanted to harm or hurt someone? You put your act together, but aborted it in the last moment like a film hero who secures control over the villain’s weapon, aims it back at him and in the last moment – drops it off and forgives him.
What do you think makes us do this? It’s our mind – our mind is its own governor. It checks itself!

Will the real God please stand up? (Why do we have so many religions?)
As I explained, our mind is God. Like minded people created a religion, named it and gave it an identity through rituals, practices, deities, epics and so on and preached it to others. When things didn’t go the way they wanted, they split up and create another religion. Though I might make this sound like birth of political parties, the fact is that religion, political parties and everything else we see are created in the same mind. To be precise, the fundamentals of all religions are same and they just differ in practice. If one were to look for the real God, we all have to look inside. He will stand up wave hands at us.

Is this just a big lab and are we just guinea pigs and God just a researcher?
It is partially true. It is indeed a big lab and we are just guinea pigs. But there’s no researcher here. It’s all just the guinea pigs trying to research with each other and with themselves. What goes around, comes around. Our good actions will bring good things back to us and so will the bad. You find your friend a job and someone will find one for you! But, we are guinea pigs and not the researcher. It’s very rare for a guinea pig to realize what is the experiment and its results. The moment we realize this, we may only do good experiments with fellow guinea pigs!

Unexplained phenomena = God?
It is very difficult to believe that if God impacts everyone’s life and destiny, such a God shouldn’t be so difficult to understand.
Here’s my theory of this phenomena called God:

Each of us is like a sealed earthen pot filled with saline water. So there are billions of pots and all of them are immersed deep in the sea. Saline water in the pot is our mind and sea water is the God.
Unlike a steel container, an earthen pot has permeable membrane (that’s why pot water cools!). In simple words, it’s not completely sealed, things move in and out of the pot through the small apertures in its walls. This movement is our experience and encounter with the unknown and creates a belief that God exists.
Due to permeable nature of the pot, the water in the pot only knows that something exists in the sea but doesn’t know what it is. So similarly we know the unknown exists, but don’t know what it is and so we are very eager.
Sometimes sealed lids give up and saline sea water enters the pot and in exchange the saline pot water exits. Some other times, the pots strike with each other and break (through our guru or coach) or under currents of the sea (the divine force) pushes the pot and it breaks. That’s when pots realize that the sea is filled with the same saline water!
That is when we too realize that God, our mind and other minds are no different from each other. When we realize this fact, not just know it, we are enlightened!
The permeable shell of the pot in the above hypothesis is our ‘maya’ – our ego, illusions, beliefs, likes, dislikes, desires, fears, physical possessions, wealth, worldly pleasures, perceptions, etc.
Like in a shell, it is just our maya that prevents us from knowing and experiencing God!
So knowing the unknown, is the simplest and easiest thing. Accepting and absorbing this truth in every action of our daily life is the most difficult thing. This is why God still remains a mystery!



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