Posted by: garispang | August 19, 2009

Have My Shift: Service Finds People To Cover Shifts At Hourly Jobs

In the world of hourly wage jobs, it’s not as easy as calling in sick because you have the sniffles, or saying you can’t come in because of a scheduling conflict once you’ve found out that your favorite band is playing. In the corporate world this might fly, but in the world of hourly wage jobs, if you don’t show up, there’s going to be some grumpy people who haven’t been able to get their morning coffee fix. Have My Shift is a company that is making shift exchange more possible, by introducing modern methods.

Have My Shift allows hourly wage workers to post the shifts they need to be covered online, based on the company they work for and the location of the store they work at. As added enticement, they can promise additional money for shift coverage out of pocket to encourage someone to work for them. Those looking to pick up some more shifts can search the database of shifts available in their company and for their position, and email notifications are sent out to let them know when a shift needs to be covered. Of course, Have My Shift that asks all people involved in shift exchange abide by company policy!

This is certainly a service that will be appreciated by management – since their burden of trying to fill shifts for an absent employee ahead of time or even on shift day should be alleviated. And, for those looking to fill or give up shifts, it’s easier than the old method of making a phone call or leaving a note only to hear “I’ll have to check my schedule”!

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