Posted by: garispang | August 7, 2009

Hottest Korean Girl Race Queen Hwang Mi Hee

beautiful-korean-girl-hwang-mi-hee-race-queen 02

The cute and beautiful Korean model and race queen Hwang Mi Hee, has many fans in the world. Many of these fans claimed that Hwang Mi Hee is the hottest Korean girl, ever. Well I don’t know if that claim is reasonable, but she does look very pretty. In fact, she is also very adaptable to the different type of looks, as can be seen in this series of photos. Check her out!

Hwang Mi Hee’s Video

beautiful-korean-girl-hwang-mi-hee-race-queen 03

beautiful-korean-girl-hwang-mi-hee-race-queen 04

beautiful-korean-girl-hwang-mi-hee-race-queen 05

beautiful-korean-girl-hwang-mi-hee-race-queen 06

beautiful-korean-girl-hwang-mi-hee-race-queen 07

beautiful-korean-girl-hwang-mi-hee-race-queen 08

beautiful-korean-girl-hwang-mi-hee-race-queen 09

beautiful-korean-girl-hwang-mi-hee-race-queen 10

beautiful-korean-girl-hwang-mi-hee-race-queen 11

beautiful-korean-girl-hwang-mi-hee-race-queen 12

beautiful-korean-girl-hwang-mi-hee-race-queen 13

beautiful-korean-girl-hwang-mi-hee-race-queen 14

beautiful-korean-girl-hwang-mi-hee-race-queen 15

beautiful-korean-girl-hwang-mi-hee-race-queen 16

beautiful-korean-girl-hwang-mi-hee-race-queen 01

Hwang Mi Hee Bio (황미희)

Birthday: January 21, 1982
Height / weight: 174cm / 51kg
Body size: 35-24-35
Hobbies: Movies, music, reading, exercise
Motto: Practice makes perfect
Favorite Car: Porsche, Bentley

Animated Gif of Hwang Mi Hee


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