Posted by: garispang | August 4, 2009

Singapore Temasek on The Sydney Morning Herald

Singapre on the headline of this Australia Newspaper “The Sydney Morning Herald” with the title “Lumbered with the boss’s wife“.

It starts the article as follows:

SINGAPOREANS aren’t usually given to open criticism of the Lee family that has ruled them for half a century. Rightly or wrongly, some presume that in their tightly controlled island state, walls have ears, and one never knows who is listening.

But this time it’s different. Singaporeans are deeply displeased with their Prime Minister’s wife, Ho Ching. She has run Temasek Holdings, the state-owned fund, since 2002, and has presided over a spectacular series of misjudgments that have lost Singaporeans billions.

In this particular article, there are mention on the investment of Temasek:
– $3 billion deal to buy then Thai PM Thaksin Shinawatra telco.
– European and American banks with billion investment.
– $400 million stake in Eddie Groves’ ABC Learning Centres.

And of course the main focus is on the transfer of management to Goodyear (Ho Ching previously reported to quit Temasek). Go ahead and read the full article at: .

So I think is a good alternative to understand how other people in the world look at Singapore.


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