Posted by: garispang | August 4, 2009

Building a Powerful Employer Brand in Recruitment Marketing

The Employer Brand is a company’s image viewed through the eyes of the general public, its employees and potential job seekers. Beyond the image, it is a reflection of an organization’s culture, reputation, products and services, as well as the way it deals with and values its workers. It generates meaningful conversations with talent.  It is a promise that creates expectations about the work experience.  

A powerful Employer Brand attracts qualified talent and projects the company as an Employer of Choice.   Google is considered  the #1 Employer Brand attracting more than 1300 resumes per day with a long list of attractive employee benefits.

Employer Brand … HR or Marketing ?

Most HR departments are focused on recruitment and employee benefits. Marketing departments channel their resources into product branding, promotion and advertising.  Employer branding falls in the void between these two departments. It is unknown territory. The goal for progressive companies is to build an Employer Brand, as a bridge between marketing and HR to address the “talent war”.

What is the foundation of the Employer Brand? 

The Employment Experience lies at the heart of the Brand and is the basis for attracting and retaining employees. It includes salary and benefits, as well as company culture and values, career opportunities, job challenges and creativity and management style. Does your Brand address what Employees really want?

  • Involvement – provide challenging work that inspires and realizes results 
  • Respect – acknowledge the talent and contribution of each employee
  • Support – establish a plan and provide the resources to achieve desired outcomes
  • Responsiveness – listen and respond to employees’ issues in quick time-frame

Key Factors in Building a Powerful Employer Brand

 #1  Set the Standard, the Promise  – assessment of a company’s current work environment in terms of values, culture and employee satisfaction. This can be based on a focus group or a more detailed employee interviews, etc. The result is to establish the Employer Brand Promise of the work environment that the prospective employee can expect and determine if there is a discrepancy in actual performance.   

#2   Build the Brand –Brand is built on the following:

Employer Brand Promise
Employer Brand Voice – consistent communication both internal and external to the company

#3   Showcase the Brand –Implement an Integrated Social Media Strategy that leverages a mix of media to gain traction for the Brand and the jobs posted. 

#4   Measure the Impact – Evaluate the effect of the Employer Brand on job seekers and employees.

Critical Importance of the Employer Brand

An organization’s Employer Brand or Talent Brand is critical to both talent acquisition and retention. Human Capital Institute provided a report on Talent Branding which shows 71% of their surveyed respondents viewed the talent brand as either “somewhat important” or “very important” in their decision to join their organization. Once they have a job, their decision to stay is also heavily influenced by their organization’s talent brand—with a full 75% of respondents stating that their organization’s talent brand is somewhat or very important in their decision to stay. In addition, respondents see the importance of talent branding beyond their own personal decisions to join or stay with an organization. They recognize it as an important factor in the organization’s effort to attract and retain other top talent.
The most important finding of this research is that creating an organizational vision or designing formal talent management processes will not create a positive image or talent brand in the minds of workers. That will only be accomplished if the vision and formal processes are translated into actual results that lead to a better work environment.

Helping new workers integrate into an organization and keeping promises made during recruitment are the most important factors linking an employer brand and talent retention.  For more information on Employer Branding you may want to read an article I wrote on Showcasing your Company.

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