Posted by: garispang | August 3, 2009

What They Don’t Teach You In Biz School About Being An Entrepreneur

Shadow ProfessionalAh, the life of an entrepreneur. Come up with a business idea, write your business plan, line up a bunch of venture funding, and retire to a private island a few short years later when you go public.

1. You’re more likely to make a living than make the Forbes 500. Most entrepreneurs end up making a living, and some make a really nice living doing what they love.

2. There is no money line to get in. There are a lot of you’s out there competing over very scarce resources. But don’t think you’ll just get in line and pick up your check.

3. It’s more about you than your plan. Business success has more to do with you than anything else. The best plans mean nothing in the hands of the wrong person.

4. You’re in sales, whether you think so or not. Every business on the planet is selling something.

5. You’re going to fail. Yep, you will fail. You will probably fail multiple times. If that concerns you, pick another path for your life. If it doesn’t concern you that you will be an utter failure at some point, good – with every failure you get one step closer to success, cliché but true.


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