Posted by: garispang | July 31, 2009

BMW Helps You Be a Gentleman with New “Gentleman Function”

Under most circumstances, advances to make driving even more pleasurable are met with open arms and wide grins. This is especially true with BMW, the company that strives to create the perfect blend of performance and comfort in every one of their vehicles. Recently though, a new function on the BMW 7-Series has many people scratching their heads in confusion rather than jumping for joy.

The new addition is called the “Gentleman Function” and serves only to adjust the front passenger seat for whoever is occupying it. According to the German Automaker, the reason this was incorporated into the 7-Series was because the center console was redesigned and some functions were moved to the driver’s side door. In the previous, all seat controls were situated in the center of the vehicle.

The Gentleman Function takes the place of this centrally located unit and ensures your passenger can still ride in comfort. While the primary purpose is obvious, it can also be used to aid the rear passengers in entry and exit as well as offering them more leg room. What can I say; I guess BMW can help you score some major points now too.

As for the name of the new “feature,” BMW has said it was a translation from German. Apparently the larger BMWs are usually piloted by men.

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