Posted by: garispang | July 30, 2009

How to Make Your Dreams Come True – 6 Ways to Make Your Dreams Into Reality


Whether you are dreaming about writing a book, or traveling to Africa, or dreaming about something for the community – I am sure you enjoy thinking about it. We all enjoy thinking about our aspirations and desires, and of course, we all have the desire as well that someday, we are able to make our dreams into reality.

If you are interested on how to make your dreams come true, here are some simple things that might bring wonders in your life.

Dream Big.
Dreaming is free so set your mind thinking about the biggest dream you would ever want. Even small dreams that matter most to you would be something that is already big.

Believe in your dreams.
Achievers are believers and if you believe that you can realize your dreams, you will have the power to work on your goals and dreams. Believe in yourself. Eliminate self-doubt by overcoming your weaknesses, learning from your mistakes and being thankful about whatever you already have.

Think Positive.
Sometimes our minds are just so full of negative thoughts that we often think about dreams being just our dreams and we tend to believe in them only if there are signs that they are likely to happen. Instead of thinking about doubts and uncertainties, set your mind free and think not of the impossibility of a thing. Think about dreams being achievable.

Enjoy your dream.
To help you get started on achieving your dreams, picture yourself that you already reached your dreams, and enjoy and savor the feeling of being there. If you dream of going to Africa, think about being in the safari and actually seeing the animals and feeling the hot, humid climate on your skin. This will help you get motivated as the excitement and energy builds up in your subconscious.

Take action.
One important factor in knowing how to make your dreams come true is of course working on it. Take advantage of opportunities that come your way. It would be helpful if you make a list of the dreams you have and prioritize them according to whether they can be realized short term or long term. When you see that you are actually making each dream come true, you will also realize that dreams are not impossible. As you work towards turning your dreams into reality, never lose focus of what you want.

Be persistent.
One failure is not the end of it all. Never give up that easy on your dreams. You will never know how close you are in making your dreams come true if you give up on it so easily.

Whatever it is that you dreamed of, may it be big or small, if you believe in it and work hard to realize it, and you open up yourself to the wonders that the universe can give you, you will realize then that you actually have the power on how to make your dreams come true.

In the end, it is actually your choice to make your dreams come true. It is in your hands to make these dreams a reality.

Carolyn Anderson believes in the law of attraction and the power of the mind in helping you realize your dreams. To learn more about applying the law of attraction in real life, check out the the secret of attraction. Also check out How To Manifest A Miracle, where you can find techniques on how to manifest your dreams and desires in life.

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