Posted by: garispang | July 30, 2009

Don’t Be Afraid to Fail


“Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”
-Winston Churchill

One of the most perverse and worst social programming we have instilled into us from an early age is the fear of failure. We are programmed by our schools, parents and mass media to believe that failure is bad. If we attempt something and fail, we take a self-esteem hit and log it in our memories as failure. This translates as, “I’m not good enough, I can’t do that, he tried and failed.” The “you haven’t got the gift” scenario comes down on our lives and forces us to live out our existence hiding away from new challenges, preferring to live in a little comfort zone where we can stay safe.

So let’s tackle failure. Let’s slay this paper dragon finally. Failure is inevitable for anyone who actually attempts to do something new. It’s just a learning process. It’s inevitable. If you’ve never failed at anything, congratulations, but ask yourself, have you actually ever tried anything? Or have you stayed safe in your little comfort zone. Are you a ship that has never left the harbour, tied to the dock slowly rusting away, the ropes that keep you safely secured slowly fraying. If you are, and you’re happy, good luck, I wish you wel

If you want to cut the ropes however and sail out of the harbour into uncharted and dangerous waters you can expect to fail. You need to fail, you will fail, it’s part of the growing process, part of the way we humans learn, and the only way we really learn. Failure is simply doing something the wrong way. We may have got nine variables right but the tenth wrong resulting in our plan failing.

So what do we do? Hang our head and never attempt it again? No, we examine what we did, what went wrong, formulate another plan and relaunch. If we fail again, we re-examine what we did, what went wrong, replan and relaunch. It’s the natural path to success. Just because you don’t accomplish something at the first or second attempt doesn’t mean you can never accomplish it. You haven’t failed, you’ve gained experience. Just because you’ve never done something doesn’t mean you can never do it.

Failure is the great friend of people who want to accomplish things. When I set up my online business, I made loads of mistakes that cost me. They cost me in lost time and money, I had many little failures but from each one I came through the experience with more knowledge, more firsthand experience and more determination to get it right the next time. How valuable those failures were. I have gained priceless experiences, which have made me more knowledgeable and more confident.

I was brought up to believe that only certain people could do certain things. That businesspersons were successful because they were special; I even believed that politicians were honest! Such beliefs act as chains on people, stopping them from attempting things because they believe they are not good enough. Our doubts are traitors, & make us lose the good we oft might win by failing to attempt. Don’t be afraid of failing, love it. It proves you are using your life to tackle new challenges. It proves you are still in the game, you’re a ship at sea charting new courses, you’re riding the storms and taking the hits but you’re doing something that most people don’t. You’re living.

Reasons why failure is good:

It’s The Best Way To Learn

It’s the only way we learn. You can read all the books you want but none will be able to speak to your own unique circumstances. Only by jumping into the battle and taking action, can you learn and succeed.

Mistakes Help Us Grow

Who would you like to have a conversation with a person who has tried a hundred ventures that failed or a person who has done the same thing for the last thirty years? Yeah me too. Failures help us to grow; they make us stronger and wiser.

The Road To Success Is Paved With Failure

It’s a myth that people succeed without effort. Ok there’s some people in our society that are born with the proverbial silver spoon. They have everything and get everything without any effort no matter how stupid they are. They may reach the heights of their profession but they didn’t do it off their own bat. I’m not talking about these people. I’m talking about the rest of us who have to work to carve our own space. If we try something new then we will probably fail to begin with. It’s the natural course of events, the natural learning process.

No Risks No Reward

If you don’t jump into the battle, you can’t test how good your sword is. By attempting new things, we build our character and grow in self-esteem. The mistakes we make provide us with wonderful life experiences from which we can grow. And when we eventually succeed, which we will providing we keep going we can enjoy the rewards of our plans.

You’ve only failed when you accept defeat

Paul is the author of the blog The blog discusses all aspects of starting a business in middle-age. It also follows Paul as he runs his own business.

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