Posted by: garispang | July 25, 2009

Job Hunting in the 21st Century

green-job-crossroadsThe current economy has put me in a position that I have not been in for a long time – looking for a job. Given that my last job search was more than a half dozen years ago, I started with what I knew. I pulled out my résumé and cover letter, updated them, and started looking for jobs in all the places I had looked before. I read the newspapers, the national job boards that have been around for years, and the job board through the state Workforce Development office. I sent out résumés and filled out online application forms. I was responding to jobs that I was qualified for and I have a strong background, so I thought the calls would start coming in quickly.

There have been some responses, but not as many as I had expected. I’ve even had a couple interview processes that have gone pretty far, but for one reason or another, no offers.

As the days and weeks passed with no real change in the results I was getting, it became clear that something would have to change with how I did my job search. I kept reading about how networking is the biggest reason people give for how they found their current job, so I called and emailed past contacts to let them know that I was in the market again. They all wished me well, but no, their companies were not hiring. Now what?

I was talking with my friends about my frustrations, and one of them said, “Why don’t you start a blog about your job search?” A blog? You know, why not? With that, Garis Pang ( was created.

There are different sites that let you host your blog for free, and I didn’t know which one to pick, so I just went for WordPress. I’m glad I did. It’s got a lot of neat toys for a free site and it has been pretty easy to learn. I also like having separate pages for a short bio and my résumé.

Since I haven’t had it up for very long, I am not sure what will happen. I’m not even sure how it all will develop. I just post about topics related to my job search, sometimes talking about what seems to be working for me, other times asking questions. And when I find other blogs or resources that are helpful in one way or another, I put them on my blog. Who knows, maybe someone else looking for a job will find them helpful. We are all in this together, right? May as well help out someone else who needs it.

Do I know what I am doing with this blog? Absolutely not. I am learning about this as I go and hoping that as word of Garis Pang’s Blog spreads that it will be discovered by an HR professional or company executive who is looking for someone with my background.


Garis Pang is a seasoned recruiting professional looking for a Management position to facilitate the creation of quality services for an industry leader. He has four years’ experience as a Managerial Level and 10 over years in Sales & Marketing. His background includes: managing in a recruitment agancy setup and operations, using Lean Sourcing and Recruiting Methods to streamline recruitment processes, and planning business expansion schedules over multiple alternative channels to achieve significant profitable projects & revenue for company. Teamwork, customer focus, and continuous quality improvement are just a few of the work values he possesses. Employers looking for a qualified, hard-working person to join their team can find out more about Garis at ( and at LinkedIn (


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