Posted by: garispang | July 22, 2009

Lame Joke: Ah Beng’s Job Interview


Ah Beng went for an job interview for a sales job. When the manager saw Ah Beng’s colourful attire, his mind screamed, “Not this man!!”

Nevertheless he still had to entertain Ah Beng. So he told Ah Beng, “If you can form a sentence using the words I give you, then I will give you a chance!”

“The words are “Green, Pink, Yellow, Blue, White, Purple, Black”.

Ah Beng thought for a while and said “I heard the phone go green green (ring ring), and then I went to pink (pick) up the phone and said yellow (hello). Blue’s (Who’s) that? White (What) did you say? Aiyah, wrong number. Don’t purplely (purposely) disturb people and don’t call black (back), ok?”

Ah Beng got the job.


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