Posted by: garispang | July 18, 2009

The trap of what people will pay for

Toilet SignagePeople generally do not like public restrooms. According to my best friend, women more so then men. We stand –n- spray, women, well you get the point.

Now imagine a company called Fresh as a Daisy.  They have a chain of clean restrooms in your town, GPS located, etc. Plus they have franchise/satellite locations in popular places like Borders (hint: I got this blog post idea in the Borders Bookstore located in Oxnard California. Somebody with a mop? Anybody? Yowsa…).

You pay 10 bucks a month for access to these private bathrooms with live attendants, etc, so the places are eat of the floor spotless. Sorry for the visual.

Everybody says they hate the pig pen type bathrooms, everybody says they want clean restrooms, etc.

Nobody would pay for this.

They expect it as part of retail experience.  In fact, when you gotta go and you head into the nearby Starbucks, you don’t care about the triple vanilla, de-cafe, venti, mocha, latte, you care about toilet paper and getting on with the rest of your day.

My point of this post is as you are building your start up, watch for the pay trap

The idea can be killer, people will high five you, etc.  But will they pay?  Does the problem you are solving have money anywhere in it?

[Random Idea file: Somebody should build a simple bathroom rating app for the mobile device. Central server, linked into Google maps, etc.  People rate the bathrooms and, over time, you have all this integrated into a nice db so when you gotta go, that mobile device on your hip/in your purse tells you where the closest clean one is.  Maybe no money, but nice public service.]

Some interesting websites which i found:


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