Posted by: garispang | July 11, 2009

Some tips on Websites, Analytics and Web-Marketing (These can benefit everyone)

Search-Engine-MarketingYour website as your image.

More and more today we are seeing a shift in the way people find businesses and services. Today it is more and more likely that your potential customers will get online and Google a service rather than use the phone book. This increasing move to the Internet creates a situation where your business website is the first interaction your potential clients may have with you. Thus, your website is more than just a website, it is your company image.
Once we shift to this mode of thinking, the business website becomes an ever more important tool for not only growing your business but also keeping your business. In the realm of growth, if your company website is up to date, attractive and informative, you will have a much higher chance of gaining more clients. It is also fair to say that if your website provides relevant information on topics and products that are key in your industry, it will not only draw more attention from new users but keep the attention of old users. Getting people to come back once they have been there is just as important as getting them there in the first place.

The importance of Statistics for your website

Website statistics are an often overlooked and majorly important part of having a successful website. I mean successful as in “your website is doing exactly what you intend for it to do”. How do you know whether or not your online presence is really that effective or not? Has your money paid itself off yet in new customers? How many visitors do you have per day and what do they do? All of these questions can be answered or intelligently guessed at using website analytics. And the best part folks, analytics are free through Google Analytics or Get Clicky Analytics. All it takes is a little adding of some code to your website and you are ready to start collecting information.
Using statistics you can find information not only on the people that are visiting but where they are visiting from, down to the city, how often you have repeat visitors, what the most popular pages are, customer bandwidth and browser usage and much more. From the info you gather you can then make inferences based on the behaviors over time and really get a great view of how effective your website is and what needs to be improved upon to increase it’s effectiveness.


Web-marketing…what does that bring to mind? Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Monster, Careerbuilder, Pay per click? All of these websites / communities / services offer the same core service, the ability to reach a lot of people with your message. Each one (except twitter) also offers multiple ways of marketing through ads or just getting on there making friends and spreading the word about your services or products. This is the core of web-marketing and the important thing is doing it effectively.
If you are a business owner and you aren’t on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin, you are missing out on the opportunity to connect and potentially do business with a large amount of people and businesses at no charge to you. Through forming groups, pages and the using the other tools these websites provide, you have the opportunity to quickly market your product and services and spread your brand.
I hope these words help to guide you when wondering what to do with your website, if it is effective or how to reach more people.



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