Posted by: garispang | July 7, 2009

What Will You Do To Improve Your Advertising?

AdvertisingAdvertising is the lifeblood of any business, whether it’s online or offline.

All advertising isn’t created equal! Some advertising sends in a trickle of traffic, others are a little better, some don’t deliver at all, but the good news is that there are a lot of advertising avenues both online and offline that delivers what they promise.

As an advertiser you need to identify those advertising avenues that delivers what they promise, then advertise consistently in the advertising source you’ve chosen.

Why consistent advertising is necessary

Consistent advertising is necessary because people are inundated with advertising. Every day you see over 3,000 ads that seem to come at you from every direction. You see ads on T.V., in the newspaper, on your computer, billboards, on vehicles, on the windows and in the rest rooms of various businesses. You hear them on the radio as you commute to work, or travel.

How do you get through the “jungle of jingling jargon” to your audience with your message?

You need to advertise consistently wherever you choose to advertise! Work diligently to find what advertising works for you. Then advertise consistently to receive the greatest return on your investment.

Get Attention! Whatever it takes, use a “dancing frog” to gain attention, whatever it takes! Look what the gecko has done for insurance. Of maybe a “cave man” is that unique attention-getter you need to draw attention to your advertising message.

Get creative, think outside the box, or hire someone who can come up with that unique idea that differentiates your business or web site from all the rest.

Make advertising priority #1 for your business!

Too many times business and web site owners get too busy with daily tasks to take significant time to plan their advertising to make it more effective, or to advertise at all!

Do you delay advertising for the following reasons?

* You haven’t decided to advertise this month, because advertising and all it entails, takes time away from running your business
* You’ve decided to use your money for advertising to pay other bills
* You postpone the appointments you set to meet with account executives who want to meet with you, because you just can’t face making that decision on where to advertise
* You don’t want to think about what to put in your advertisement.

Business and web site owners procrastinate for all the “excuses” above and many more.

Don’t play “Barney Fife” and shoot yourself in the foot with “excuses”, arm yourself with all the reasons you should advertise then spend enough time to plan well, or get someone that is well qualified to consult with you or hire someone to do it for you. Advertising is that important!

Hit your target market with the best advertising you can find, then keep hitting your audience like a boxer in training with that old “onesy twosy” punch, ad after ad, until customers are banging at your door like good “crazed” shoppers should be shopping.

Circulation is important but only if you are reaching your target market. An even better choice for your advertising is circulation that is constantly increasing.

Make your decision now that you will make your advertising priority #1 for your business!

Success in the fastlane is that you slow down enough to advertise smart, by thinking intently about where, when and how often you will advertise. Then just do it!

Keep that “life blood” of advertising flowing to keep your business growing!

What will you do to improve your advertising?


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