Posted by: garispang | July 3, 2009

You can use colour and the energy of colour to deepen your understanding of who you are and to tap into the energy that you need for any and every situation

Today I’m sitting in my cottage and write to You. The nature is absolutely fantastic.
The sun is shining; it`s Amazing. I will show you some picture on my site…oh!! what a wonderful world we`re living in. I know we are among the lucky one and I am so grateful. You know when you are disconnected from Mother Earth; you may feel depressed or lethargic without knowing it yourself. Try to spend time outdoors, among the plants and trees. Listen to the bird, ocean…remove your shoes and connect your feet with the sand. ( if you have the opportunity) take a deep breath for you’re surrounded by the magical energy of nature.

Feel the refreshing atmosphere,
See The lush green flora, smell the fresh mountain air, the sun is coming up and you feel energized and alive. Breathe more deeply. Focus your attention on your breathing until you are totally relaxed. Think of a point in the middle of your forehead. Imagine that from that point a light starts to shine…it is like a beam, the beam has a wonderful colour. The light is strong and bright and you are connected to it. Use your imagination…learn the master plan
of how you can imagine (see) your own colour in yourself. Feel…how you can transform the energy in your own body. Perhaps you will feel the power and presence of effortless being. Just let yourself relax open your mind and fall into effortless being. I will also recommend you to start with meditation. “Centerpointe” have excellent curse.

I also want you to remember; invest in yourself by taking regular time to let go, play, and have fun…)express yourself with music, you know music lifts the soul to new heights.
You know; you have within you all the power of the Universe.
No one is more powerful than You.

As a spiritually minded being. It’s Impossible for you to misuse or abuse your power.

I think you will experience great pleasure to know what I’m going to tell you. You know every Journey begins with a single step;

I always thinking of Nelson Mandela words;
“Our deepest fear is not that we are not sufficient enough for ourselves;
Our deepest fear is that we possess more strength than we can measure.
It is our LIGHT, not the darkness within us that scares us the most. We ask ourselves: “How can I allow myself to be brilliant, fabulous, talented and radiating?” In fact; Who are you if You’re not?

Welcome to this Colour Journey. If you want to take a Colour Energy- personality test, contact me.
It is a personality test (CEPT). It is a simple and accurate method that enables you to teach where your colour strengths and weakness lie, how you use your Chakra system).

The (CEPTest) explains the amazing world of colour and how colour affects every aspect of your life including the way you think and feel, the occupation you choose, the way your raise your children and the way you behave in relationships.

You can use colour and the energy of colour to deepen your understanding of who you are and to tap into the energy that you need for any and every situation.

Sex, health issues, professions, money and success are all determined by the colour you are and the colours you use.

Holistic health is one of the fastest growing areas around the world. Each day more and more people are understanding the connection of, and the importance between the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual selves- that the mind, body and soul are intertwining matrixes that affect all levels of our being.

So empower yourself by using the energy of light. Colour is pure energy. Light stimulates our body’s endocrine system, which is connected to our energy centres (chakras)

Colour Energy Education Systems is the only colour school system based on the seven types of intelligence. The School are educating and creating a worldwide network of specialized colour experts.



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