Posted by: garispang | July 3, 2009

Twoogle Combines Both Google and Twitter Search Results

Personally, I don’t think search engine are so useful anymore. Nowadays we have Twitter as most of Internet users are concerned with breaking news and everyone is using the micro-blogging service to tell the world what has happened. I’m not saying that Google is not useful anymore, all I’m saying is that the search engine was more useful a couple of years ago. However, we need both of them. How about searching something and seeing the search results of both Google and Twitter? Well, here is Twoogle.

Twoogle is a tool which allows users to search a term on both Google and Twitter, and it will display the results in split-screen format. Although the design is questionable, you won’t have any problems if you are in front of a large widescreen monitor. The duplex search tool will display Twitter search results on the left, and the Google search results on the right. Twoogle will also allow you to search only Twitter, or only Google if you’d like that or if you already found what you were looking for.

You can access Twoogle here, and please let us know if you find this tool useful. I know I’m enjoying it right now!




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