Posted by: garispang | July 3, 2009

Survey: Social Networks Under Attack


More evidence that corporations might be rushing to loop popular social networks into their business models without weighing the security risks comes in this survey released today. FaceTime Communications polled 1,100 IT managers: 87 percent said they personally use social networks on the corporate network, while 80 percent said information leakage is a primary concern with social networking use.

It should be. Cyber intruders are finding clever way to spread tainted Web links that load malicious programs on your PC  via Twitter, YouTube comments and Facebook messages.

A recent Websense survey found that IT pros are under heavy pressure to open the floodgates to the latest Web-based platforms, which requires relaxing Web security policies.  Of the 1,300 techies who took the survey, 86 percent said they being told to allow access to Web 2.0 sites, and more than 30 percent said their C-level execs were applying the pressure.

Yet many companies don’t have security systems that can discern a good link from a malicious one, especially with the use of URL shorteners. Only 9 percent of respondents to the Websense survey indicated that they have the wherewithal to protect from threats flowing through social networks. On a positive note, about half of the respondents to FaceTime’s survey indicated their companies plan to secure social networking within the next year.

“The reality that real-time communications and Web 2.0 applications are highly evasive is sinking in,” says Nishant Jadhav, pictured, FaceTime’s director of product management.  “These applications are designed to get around Web filtering, firewalls and other traditional security measures.”



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