Posted by: garispang | June 30, 2009

Are you succeeding in your online business and losing your life?

Work-life balance wheel

Are you…

• writing a daily blog and creating a following?
• responding to all your emails?
• creating and joining online groups?
• offering and attending teleseminars and webinars?
• travelling to social business building events?
• building your lists and updating your automatic responses?
• creating a regularly published newsletter?
• submitting articles to online article sites?
• writing and publishing books and ebooks?
• mentoring your followers and downlines?
• offering live seminars?
• seeking joint ventures and affiliate marketing opportunities?
• stayng up late and waking up early to get all your tasks done?
• writing lists and crossing off items as you complete them?
• thinking and talking about your business all the time?

If you have answered “Yes” to several of these questions, you are on your way to becoming a social business network workaholic. Hopefully, with all that time and attention and hard work, your business is now booming. But what is happening to the rest of your life?

If you are married or living with a significant other, have you ignored your partner’s requests for attention, affection and quality time together? If you have children too, have they been clinging to you or avoiding you when you tell them not to disturb you while you work a little bit more?

If you are single, have you dated anyone lately or have you just put your entire social life on hold? Do you cut your phone conversations short and only arrange for brief social contacts before getting back to your computer? And, to me one of the worst offenses, do you find yourself talking on your cell phone, texting or reading your emails – while you are sitting in a restaurant or at a social event with a date or your current life partner?

In this 21st century, and now even more so during this economic downturn, many of us are spending more time focused on business and less time smelling the roses, enjoying companionship, or relaxing with our loved ones. And this is taking a toll on our relationships. If you have been expecting your partner to be supportive, to understand what you are attempting to accomplish, and to be there when you feel you have reached your goals, think again. Workaholism and lack of nurturing in a relationship will almost inevitably lead to relationship disaster.

Yes, of course, for a certain period of time at the early stages of building a business, you may have to spend a great deal of your time and energy focused solely on the details of your business. However, as soon as you get a slight breather, as soon as you have a spare moment, put your focus and attention back onto those you love, those with whom you hope to share you business success.

Don’t become another statistic of someone who has succeeded in business, but lost their family and friends and life, in the process.

Work-life balance is a person’s control over the conditions in their workplace. It is accomplished when an individual feels dually satisfied about their personal life and their paid occupation. It mutually benefits the individual, business and society when a person’s personal life is balanced with his or her own job.

The work-life balance strategy offers a variety of means to reduce stress levels and increase job satisfaction in the employee while enhancing business benefits for the employer. In our increasingly hectic world, the work-life strategy seeks to find a balance between work and play. A sentence that brings the idea of work life balance to the point is: “Work to live. Don’t live to work.”


  1. How true!

    You have hit the proverbial nail in the head.
    I work for a social business that is also heavily involved in networking and online activity.
    I must remind myself to introduce some balance and not burn out.

    There is a lot to consider and action in each day. I think the key is to understand you can only do so much but also to automate as much of your work as is possible (and desirable). Creating efficiencies in your processes can be very rewarding and free up time to focus on your priorities.

    Thanks for the blog

    simon @

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