Posted by: garispang | June 27, 2009

BMW’s convertible Kidsbike








Riding a bike is something most of us learn as kids, with many a wobble along the way as we develop our sense of balance. The BMW Kidsbike has been designed for youngsters from around two and a half to five years of age, helping them progress from their first experience on two wheels to their first proper bike by means of a separate chain and pedal unit which can easily mounted when the time is right.

BMX refers to a Motor Function Module Survey by Germany’s Federal Ministry of Family Affairs which showed that the majority of the 4500 children over four years of age examined showed deficits in motor functions and 30 percent even found simple tasks like balancing too difficult. BMX’s solution is simple: get kids riding a bike from an early age to develop balance and coordination, increase strength and endurance and engender a sense of fun.

As a training bike the Kidsbike comes equipped with a front wheel brake to avoid collisions as well as a TÜV approved bicycle helmet matching the color of the frame (red, blue or orange), a bell and reflectors at the front (there are also reflectors in the pedals which are added to the more grown-up version). There’s also plenty of room to store favorite playthings in the net attached to the ergonomic handlebars and the zipped bag on the frame.

BMW is well-known for it’s reliable, sturdy and ergonomically sound childrens bikes including the Junior Cruise model.

Kidsbike Facts and Figures

  • Weight: 6 kg (learning bike), 8 kg (with chain and pedal unit)
  • Frame height: 36 cm, saddle height 38 – 46 cm
  • Maximum safe loading: 50 kg
  • Colours: blue, orange, red
  • Recommended Retail Price: € 259.00 (around USD$360)

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