Posted by: garispang | June 27, 2009

10 Top Job Hunting Tactics

Here are my top 10 ways a job hunter must think:jobhunt

  1. The job hunter has courage. You need to be brave and do things you haven’t done before. This courage will help you move beyond your comfort zone.
  2. The job hunter focuses on the opportunities. In every economic cycle there are winners and their are losers. Companies grow and companies fail. Even 100 year old companies fail. Its just like a forest. Old trees fall and new trees come up. For years people thought forest fires were evil (its called the Bambi syndrome), but the latest forest management techniques allow forest fires to rage, the forest fire is healthy for the forest and for the environment. Unemployment has the same potential, unemployment is traumatic, its painful, and its massively difficult in the short term, but unemployment has the potential to be exceedingly healthy in the long term. Think about your role in the current economic forest fire, are you going to see it as opportunity to grow or a situation where you are going down in flames?
  3. The job hunter understands they have choices. This thinking is one step further along than focusing on the opportunities. The job hunter recognizes each day of the job hunt they have a choice. They can choose to grow or stay stagnant. The job hunter can choose to find a contact in a company they want to work for or they can choose to go for coffee with unemployed friends and complain. The job hunter can choose to chase any job or find a job they want and are good at. Th job hunter can choose to see unemployment as an opportunity to change their life for the better, or a huge problem dumped on them. Not all choices are enjoyable, not all choices are fun to make, but each and every day we are presented with choices.
  4. The job hunter acts everyday outside their comfort zone. There is an old question that you must ask yourself, “If you don’t like the results you are getting from your current ways of doing things, why do you continue to do them? ” There are three typical answers, (a) I don’t know any different ways, (b) its too hard for me to change, and (c) I am making progress (but in reality are measuring the wrong thing). You need to answer this question deeply. Here is a method to help get to the correct answers, imagine you were in a trial and a prosecutor will put you in jail, unless your answer can convince them otherwise.
  5. The job hunter knows exactly the kind of job they want. This is part of the goal setting. If you know exactly what job you want, it becomes easier to find it. You can and will develop a list of questions and milestones to get you closer to that job.
  6. The job hunter sets a deadline to find a job. This one really throws many job hunters for a loop because they think finding a job is out of their control. Its not. If you set a real deadline, and I suggest 66 days, then, your mind will start to do whatever it takes to meet that deadline. You have been their before, you know if you have a hard deadline, somehow, it gets done, by that date. Your mind will start to find ways to make it happen.
  7. The job hunter puts a team together to help them find a job. You need to find people to help you find a job. You can include a virtual team of experts like me, David Perry, Kevin Donlin of the Guerrilla Job Search program (you knew  I would mention them), Brian Tracy, and Donald Trump. (and these guys too!) Build a team of people who love you, and build a team of people to connect you with the world. Remember when dealing with your team – everybody is willing to help those who help themselves, but few people are willing to help adults who act like children. Whom do you think I help? – those who send me an e-mail and ask “Can you review my LinkedIn profile please? ” or those who read my website and say – “For my profile which headline do you prefer: Top Consumer Product Designer or Product Designer For Consumer Products? ” (by the way, the answer is – neither – the person needs to be specific for example “Top Toy Designer For 8-10 Year Olds ” or “Top Cleaning Product Package Designer ” do you see the difference – both are consumer products, and they speak to the kind of job the person wants.
  8. The job hunter understands they must take an action each and every day. “Click and Apply” does not count as an action. It needs to be something specific that moves the job hunt forward along a specific plan.
  9. The job hunter is learning something new every day. I have some bad news for you. The length of time specific skills are useful is getting shorter and shorter every day. The lifetime of the skills of a typical university graduate today is about two years. This means that most of what they have just learned is will have no value in two years. Don’t believe me? Think about somebody who just came back from a one year sabbatical from the banking industry. What they knew, who they knew, and what was considered normal a year ago is totally useless. Obviously it different from industry to industry and job to job, but the principle applies. The end result is that the job hunter (and everybody else) needs to be continuously improving all their skills, technical, inter-personal, writing, and anything else you can think of.
  10. The job hunter has a sales and marketing mindset. This is a tough one, its especially difficult for people with no sales and marketing experience. Actually, its even tough for people with sales and marketing experience. You must take the position that you are a product and that you want to sell it once, you will then start to think about “how” to sell yourself.

Good luck on your job hunt.


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