Posted by: garispang | June 26, 2009

Innovative Kitchen Appliances from Electrolux

When it comes to innovations in cooking, Electrolux is clearly ahead of the curve. One of their most recent inventions is the Electrolux Cooking tile.

The stackable, brightly coloured tiles could just be the cooking mode of the future as their easily transportable nature makes them ideal for nomadic eaters. Electrolux Cooking tiles are perfect for those who drift from room to room and don’t necessarily want to run back to the kitchen to check on their meals when playing Nintendo Wii in the living room or surfing Trend Hunter in the office.

The cooking tiles were designed by Federico Weber for Electrolux Design Lap 2008. His goal was to enable more flexibility for home chefs by detaching the hot plate from the traditional stovetop. Not only did he meet that goal, but he also added extra functionality by creating a surface that can double as a cutting board.

In order to expand the flexibility of the cooking system, the cooktop have been splitted in to two elements: a smart surface ( which features the control interface and the power system) and the tiles ( which take the place of the burners).

Taking advantage of WiTricity the tiles can be arranged and grouped freely on the cooktop, in order to manage in a personal way the location and the dimension of the burners, as well as use the surface itself in different way, like for cutting the ingredients.

Press release

Designer: Federico Weber

Electrolux Flatshare Fridge (Image courtesy Electricpig)

Electrolux Flatshare Refrigerator

The innovative new Electrolux Flatshare Refrigerator is an ideal solution for anyone who has to share kitchen space with someone else. Flatmates can now protect their chocolate from being pilfered by the thieving housemate who has similar tastes.

The Flatshare fridge is the creation of Stefan Buchberger from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. It was an entry in the annual Electrolux Design Lab competition. The modular fridge has separate compartments, one on top of another, allowing each roomie to have their own mini-fridge.

Each compartment has sufficient room for one person. There is a tall section for bottles, a section for fruits and vegetables and a section for frozen foods.

This one stacks up as a super practical idea!

Designer: NoJae Park

Electrolux Kitchen Drawer

This Kitchen Works in a Drawer portable mini kitchen might not be sufficient for the likes of Bobby Flay or Mario Batali, but it’s perfect for small-space apartment dwellers for whom every spare inch is important.

Kitchen Works in a Drawer is designed by Nojae Park, and it’s considered one of the top entrants in this year’s Electrolux design contest. There is a stainless steel plate for food prep and warming, an electric stovetop for cooking meals, a dish drawer, and a mini-refrigerator. The mini-kitchen is meant to be able to slide underneath a desk like a file cabinet.

One of the top entrants in this year’s Electrolux design contest is the Kitchen Drawer. Designed for the internet generation – you know the type, always connected, always mobile, and most likely living in urban areas where space is a commodity.

There are four main parts to this product; a stainless plate for meal prep and warming, an electric stove for cooking, a dish drawer for storage, and a mini-fridge. If it looks like a filing cabinet, don’t hate – it’s supposed to slip under your desk. This is perfect for someone who eats at the desk, like I am doing now. Mmm. . . ramen.

Designer: NoJae Park

Stainless plate – User can put dishes or fry pan here when eat.

Electric Stove

Dish drawer


User can select proper size of heat according to their pot size.
It helps to prevent from wasting unused heat.

If user open the plate or pull back the stove, switch is automatically turned off.

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