Posted by: garispang | June 26, 2009

Bionic eyes: Engineers create contact lenses with integrated circuitry

The contact lenses, which are solar powered and operate with integrated circuitry have thus far only been tested on animals. However, the lenses which do not impair sight, are overlaid with a display.

The idea is that they could be operated to utilize a zoom function, just like the old “Bionic Man” and “Bionic Woman” television characters. How cool is that?

One of the most amazing applications would be the possibility of surfing the web without a monitor, just viewing through the display in your contact.

OMG! That is perhaps just a little scary!

No longer science fiction, the bionic eye is a reality now according to Government Technology engineers at the University of Washington have developed contact lenses with integrated circuitry. This achievement could lay the groundwork for the “bionic eye,” and another element of science fiction will join the ranks of simple science:

According to Government Technology, engineers at the University of Washington have developed contact lenses with integrated circuitry. Although the lenses have only been tested on animals, researchers are working on having electronic lenses overlay a display over a person’s visual field without impairing sight. Researchers hope that the lenses, once completed, will allow users to zoom in on distant objects and see useful facts. Future applications might allow drivers and pilots to see their direction and speed projected across their view or to surf the Web without a monitor. The circuit components would be powered by integrated solar cells and a wireless radio-frequency receiver.

Photos from Government Technology.

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