Posted by: garispang | June 23, 2009

Deeds rather than Words

Turn Over a New LeafThis is the first time for me as a blogger as i have never blogged before. I have learn a lot of things through an unexpected experience of blogging throught many mistakes which I had made along the way. It teaches me all the media publishing issues including the copyright infringement. I had acquired certain skills as a blogger and know how to design a blog to make it interesting to users. And of course, I did paid a price for it, to learn how to blog ethically. It is very important to blog ethically to avoid defamation and copyright infringements. A blogger must also be sensitive to the different cultures so that we do offend any of them by publishing stuff that are culturally objectionable by the society.

Furthermore, I have learn how to blog ethically by sticking to the house rules. I am really thankful for having the opportunity to learn all the media publishing theories and hopefully the next time I create a blog contents, it will meet all the criteria of creating a good blog.

 By producing this blog, I have gain tons of experience which I never knew from blogging. I have also learned that it is important to not only have texts in a blog. It is important to have pictures included as well because readers prefer to have a combination of pictures and words as it is easier to understand.

A Video Sharing of Ethics in Blogging;

At the same time, I would like to pay my attributes to those Great Bloggers out there who teaches & guided me along the way.”

Mike Clough 
Mike Clough (My Blogging Mentor) a.k.a Charlie Chapin look alike?
Mike Hoiberg (The Glass Blowing Blogger) “he even put up a picture of a glass blower that is not me!”

My Photo 
Michael Lemm (The Small Business Resources Blogger) “You are copying articles form my blog  and not giving me credit as the original author or providong link backs.”
 and to many others bloggers whom got affected by my unintentional acts of unskillful way of sharing.

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