Posted by: garispang | June 17, 2009

Step-By-Step Instructions: How To Generate Leads On LinkedIn Without Trying To Generate Leads (Huh?)

Almost everyone I know who is serious about building their business belongs to all the major online social networks: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc., yet most of them haven’t figured out how to truly generate leads that can be eventually converted into clients.

It’s not difficult or complicated to generate high quality leads on any of these websites, but there is one huge mistake that most people make: They’re trying to get LEADS instead of trying to ADD VALUE to people’s lives.

Let’s be honest; nobody wants to be a “lead.” I know I don’t want to be anyone’s “lead.” Have you ever picked up the phone and said, “Hi, Mr. X. I’m calling you because you’re a lead that I want to sell my product or service to.” Of course not!

But, what we actually do is try to find our way “in” to ultimately sell that person, and as soon as they “smell what you’re cooking,” they’re going to back-peddle away from you really quickly.

Stop thinking of people as leads, prospects, “suspects,” and start thinking of them as PEOPLE. When you can see someone as a real person and not an object, your mind will make a shift to meet the needs of a PERSON, not fulfill your own selfish desires for money, power, and success.

So, I’m going to give you the basic blueprint for getting more PEOPLE to connect to you, not leads, prospects, etc. Let’s used LinkedIn as an illustration and how I personally go about finding PEOPLE.

When you join a group of people with a common interest, such as this particular group we all belong to; become a person of value to the rest of us. Give us information that is relevant to problems that we may all face so that you can enrich our lives and make positive impact. Don’t sell; just educate. Now, you can’t just post a discussion every now and then and expect any of us to trust you. Be consistent with GIVING VALUE so that your name and face becomes familiar. That way, we know you’re not after “leads.” You’re genuinely committed to the strength and growth of the entire community and we grow in our respect for you. People will only do business with people who they like AND trust.

As members of the community, we will begin to recognize your expertise and become interested in learning more about you. We will look for links to your website, blog, or profile to read more about you AFTER we connect to the value that you bring. At this point, we’re very comfortable because you’re not trying to get anything from us. Now, once we start to get curious about you and your business, when we can clearly see that you have a solution to an existing problem, we will contact YOU for advice, recommendations, or even to transact. You don’t need to put on a full court press with sales content or presentations. Just chill out; the more relaxed and non-emotional you are, the more willing we are to more forward with you.

If you can do this for enough people, you’ll have no problems gaining new business. For the last 3 months, I have not done any sales presentations, demonstrations, handed out samples, or even tried to “close” someone on my business. All I’ve done is post content that has genuine value and people contact me when they’re ready. Honestly, somebody is ready everyday if you do this correctly. Make a decision today to position yourself as a trusted advisor to as many people as possible and it will make a world of difference for your success.


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