Posted by: garispang | June 16, 2009

New Web Tools

It is no surprise that with every new month comes new websites, new tools, new businesses, and so on. But one must also ask how many different web tools that do pretty much the same thing do we need in business. Yes it is good to have variety, but it is also important to avoid that new “shiny object” syndrome. New technology is always a good thing because it does provide variety for people, just remember that just because it’s out there does not mean you have to pick it up and use it along with everything else you already have. is a new secure filing sharing program. This allows you share files and transfer files in any format and rest assure that your information is safe. A good tool to have yes, but there are several secure filing sharing tools out there for you.

Word processing is something that everyone needs on a regular basis. New to word processing is Google docs, a free online tool to do everything and more than Microsoft office. However, what if you are writing a simple letter without being on the Internet, Open Office is an inexpensive program that also does everything that Microsoft office can do.


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