Posted by: garispang | June 14, 2009

Four Options With Your Online Marketing – Part 4 – Don’t Do It At All

This is part 4 of a four part series of blog posts that lays out the four choices that you have when managing the marketing of your business online.

Here are the four choices we all have as business owners when deciding how to handle our online marketing:

1. Learn How To Do It Yourself
2. Hire Someone In House
3. Outsource It
4. Don’t Do It At All

In this section we will be discussing the prospect of not marketing your business online at all.


Don’t Market Your Business Online At All

I suppose I could spend this post trying spewing out statistics about how foolish it would be to neglect the Internet as a marketing vehicle. There is cerainly no shortage of evidence that supports the wisdom of marketing your business online.

But the fact of the matter is, that the choice NOT to market your business online is a very popular one.  Many businesses have yet to make the leap from traditional advertising to marketing online.  There are varying degrees of neglect here.

Everything from not owning a website at all to doing the bare minimum to remain credible with their customer base.

It is now an expectation on the part of your customer that your business have a presence on the web.  At the very least, a static website.

As someone that has tremendous experience with the success that a small business can have marketing their products and services online, I am not a fan of this fourth choice.

Why Isn’t Your Business Online?

However, as I said, I meet many small business owners that are not online.  The main reason that these business owners have not yet made the jump to Internet marketing is mainly because they are frightened.  They don’t feel that they are “technical” enough to properly market their business online.   They figure that no presence is better than a poorly executed one.

Secondly, business owners that are not online also cite the cost of marketing online as a concern.

These are popular concerns but not valid ones.

Cheaper And Easier Than Ever

As the Internet has continued to age, it has not become more technical. It has become significantly less technical.

As the Internet has continued to age, it has not become more expensive. It has become less expensive.

In the early days of the web, it was extremely expensive to have a website built.  It required a developer to hand code a website using custom programming.

Today, a website content management system such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal can be used to create a Web 2.0 website with an extremely professional look.

Because of the ease of developing these websites, the cost has dropped significantly.

The tools that are available to market a small business online are very cheap, in fact most of them are free.  Using online video, social media and technologies like RSS cost nothing, and are extremely effective at getting the message out to your target market.

If your business is not at the very end of its life, you should absolutely be putting Choice #4 out of your mind as a possible alternative.  The web will continue to grow as the marketing medium of choice for small and large businesses alike.

If your business is to grow, you will need to make the jump to the web by choosing to educate yourself about the power of marketing your business online.


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