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6 Vital Steps, Top 10 Job Hunt Tactics & 7 Skills To Land A Job In No Time

How To Land A Job In No Time In 6 Easy StepsIf your are looking for a job I want to help you.

If you have been looking for a job for longer than a few weeks, you know that finding a job can be difficult.

Finding a job and actually getting a job may not be so easy nowadays, especially when you consider the present state of our economy. Nevertheless, creativity, initiative and persistence should serve as hallmarks of success in your job hunt. Quite often, this is easier said than done. Nevertheless, you cannot quit.

The biggest challenge you face is the competition from all the qualified people also looking for a job.

The job competition causes several problems in your job hunt that I can show you how to fix.

  1. The recruiter or human resources person can search in two core places and if your resume isn’t there and isn’t correctly presented, they ignore you.
  2. Every job opening that is posted receives thousands of qualified resumes.

These are just two of the top challenges you face as a job hunter.

Looking for a job is frustrating, depressing and seems like an endless cycle with little that is positive.

This is especially true if your main job hunting tactic is “Click and Apply”.

You know the one, everyday, checking out the different job boards, finding a job you are suitable for and then clicking on the link and applying for the job. Wondering why you are not getting called.

And in fact you do know why, you are one of the thousands of other people doing the same thing. The reality is that the chances of getting a job with the “Click and Apply” tactic ranges from poor to useless.

The best way to get a job is to be in front of an employer before they post the job, to be in front of the employer when they say to their staff, “Do you know anybody that can fill this job? “.

Here are 6 Vital Steps you can employ in your job search today. Some of these steps may seem obvious, whereas the others may not be so obvious:

  1. Newspaper Classifieds – Today by and large we live in the internet age where classifieds are posted. But don’t take the Sunday newspaper classifieds for granted. Many companies continue to advertise employment positions in this manner, as well as job fairs in your area.
  2. The Internet – This goes without saying. There are numerous services and companies on the web that will assist you in finding a job in your area or out of state. You should also not forget that the specific companies you are interested in will more than likely have a webpage on their website devoted to employment positions as well. So needless to say, do not disregard this avenue.
  3. Career Associations – There are many professional associations out there people can join not only for the educational and industry certification opportunities available to them, but for the employment opportunities as well. Many such associations will advertise jobs geared to positions related to the industry association that may not be advertised to the open public. Instead these advertisements are available only to its members. So definitely take advantage of such associations in your industry and join them. Don’t also forget the networking opportunities that professional associations can provide you.
  4. Blind Resumes & Informational Interviews – This is something many candidates definitely take for granted and do not think of. If you already know what job you want, and particularly what company or companies you would like to interview and hopefully work for, then take the initiative and find out whom to send your resume to. This may require some detective work. But, once you get a name of a Manager or Director of a department, then call them, fax them, or email them your cover letter and resume. Also request if you could meet with them for an informational interview (no strings attached). Granted they may not be hiring now, but what a lasting impression you will make on someone when they are ready to hire. Chances are they will remember you.
  5. Resume Blasting – This is a service that entails you having your resume professionally done, and or you handing your resume to a service that will fax your resume simultaneously to a multitude of companies and organizations all at once. You also have the option of selecting the companies or organizations from a specific industry, and blocking out your current employer as well. This is a great method of getting instant results, in as far as at least a phone call from a potential employer.
  6. Networking – This definitely takes work and may require some years under your belt so to speak. Making and keeping contacts within your industry is vital because you never know when you’ll need to call upon someone to ask them, “Hey, are you guys hiring now?” If someone knows you as a professional acquaintance, your chances of getting a job interview or the job itself increase tenfold, compared to just someone off the street. So make sure you work on making those “professional friends” in your work life. They will pay off one day.

Here is the list of Top 10 Job Hunting Tactics:

  1. Have a list of the top 20 companies you want to work for. This doesn’t mean limit your job hunt to these 20 companies, it means focus on this this list as your starting point. The focus will bring other opportunities to you.  Make sure you know everything about these companies, Where they are growing, Where they are experiencing problems, Who their top 3 competitors are, Which recruiters they use, Where they have offices. Become an expert in these companies.
  2. Know 12 problems that you can solve in your 20 companies that increases sales or saves the company money. Companies hire people to solve business problems. If you know the problems you can solve, and how, then the you will be the person being hired.
  3. Know your three strengths. Yes, I know you can do many different things. But, there are three things you can do better than anybody else you know. Know what they are, know how well you do them. Using these three strengths are how you solve the 12 problems.
  4. Create a cover letter and resume for each of the 12 problems you can solve. These cover letters and resumes must demonstrate how you will solve the business problems. For every job opportunity that you discover, you will modify one of the 12 cover letters and resumes for the company.
  5. Write a White Paper that clearly demonstrates your knowledge of a topic . Use the white paper as a way of marketing yourself. The last page will be a brief summary of your experience. Have a different white paper for each of the twelve problems.
  6. Have a dollar budget to spend on getting a job. Getting a job is a marketing problem, nobody starts a marketing program without a budget. Decide how much money you are going to spend getting a job. The budget can include clothing, a website, job hunt training, getting your resume reviewed, and business cards, . The amount for each each item should be equivalent to how many days you can expect the item to save in finding a job. For example, if you need help creating a resume, and you feel a good resume will shorten your job hunt by a week, then the template can be budgeted at less than a week’s pay and you have make money on the investment.
  7. Have a detailed plan for getting a job. Create a detailed plan of all the things your are going to do to get a job. Assign milestones and deliverables for each of the tasks. Set a date when each milestone will be completed. Finding a job is not one single thing, its a combination of many different things. Serious job hunting takes at least 40 hours a week.
  8. Schedule 10 job information meetings a week. This is two each and every day. They can be on the phone or in person. The better ones will be more effective in person. Your goal is to know what is going on. You need to find out what people are doing. You need to know what is working and what isn’t working. The best way to by talking to people. When you talk to people they get to meet you and feel comfortable with you.
  9. Have a powerful profile that sells you. The profile is not your resume online, it includes your LinkedIn Answers and  questions, who and how you recommend, and the size and depth of your network.
  10. Each day find a new job hunt tactic. Not every tactic works for every person in every situation. But, if you keep finding new tactics each weekday, and two work for you, then at the end of the month you have 8 more tactics beyond “Click and Apply”. Each new job hunt tactic you use, shortens the time before you start your new job.

The solution to job hunt competition is to use the same methods used by other companies facing competition.

You focus on who your customer is and create a sales and marketing program that will allow you to market yourself.

Small aggressive companies use this technique, its called Guerrilla Marketing.

When you use it to find a job, its called Guerrilla Job Hunting.

There are seven skills you need to find a job. You need to develop Guerrilla Job Hunting skills in each of the seven areas. The better you are at each of the skills, the faster you will find a job, and the job will be better fit for you.

The 7 Skills are:

  1. Organizing Your Job Hunt – Making sure you have all the tools and materials you need to do find your job.
  2. Identifying Who You Want To Work For – The best job is the one you are perfect fit for. A basic marketing concept is understanding your customer and knowing what they need and want.
  3. Having Top Notch Materials To Market Yourself – Your marketing materials starts with your paper resume and your resume. It includes your cover letters. Its more than resume format, its the actual words that you use.
  4. Your Marketing Campaign – This skill will make sure you are found. This about letting people who have a job know that you are available and what you have to offer. These are the tactics you use to get in front of the hiring authority.
  5. Your Sales presentation – This skill is where you move in for the close. Others think its a job interview, you know its a sales presentation.  You must demonstrate that you can solve the business problem.
  6. Closing The Sale – This skill is about negotiating the best salary and benefits you can possibly achieve.
  7. Doing The Job – This skill is about being successful when you do the job. Its all about Success Through Balance.

I hope this was helpful and will move you farther along in your job hunt.

Please pass this list along to anybody you know that is looking for a job and getting frustrated with their results.

Take Care and Good Luck on your job hunting.

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