Posted by: garispang | June 9, 2009

Unemployed man puts himself on eBay

CV ebayA man who last year lost his job at a UK bank has resorted to advertising himself on eBay in a bid to find a job.

Given that no-one seems to be buying houses at the moment it is not surprising that mortgage adviser Andy Palmer is struggling to get work.

But the 30-year-old from Kent is now advertising himself on the auction site – normally more associated with mobile phone accessories and dodgy jewelry – and says he will do ‘anything’.

Modest Andy, who used to work for Northern Rock and says he is a “Fantastic Employee” is offering to do 35 hours work in month in exchange for £1,997.

Knowing the mentality of the average eBay user he has added that he will not do anything that involves sex, illegal activities, or causing harm or injury to himself or others.

“As of Monday I have had to start looking for work. I have done the rounds at the agencies and have applied for a few jobs,” said Andy on the site

“Although it hasn’t even been a week I really don’t like being out of work. So I had an idea. Why not put my C.V. on a blog and put myself on eBay!”

Andy also says he will give 25% of the cash to charity – probably the FFFMA, Fund For Former Mortgage Advisers.


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