Posted by: garispang | June 5, 2009

Scientific Match Finds You A Date Based On Chemistry…You Know, The Test Tube Stuff

Dating isn’t just about attraction and finding someone who you love that will love you back; at least not according to Scientific Match provides a matchmaking service based on chemistry. Not so much the kind of chemistry of fairytales, but, you know, the test tube stuff.

Scientific Match is a dating service based on DNA and scientific profiles. Membership for this matchmaking service is annual, and they setup couples based somewhat on traditional match making methods that considers some level of personality preferences and interests of a mate. However, their main concept is based on DNA profiling that matches people with different immune system “breeds” so that cohabitating results in the development of healthier babies.

As soon as new members join, they are sent a DNA collection package which involves cheek swabbing for DNA analysis; and members are assured that the DNA information collected will never come back to haunt them during murder investigations or paternity tests since it’s kept completely private. The only thing the DNA data will be used for, is to help determine whether or not a potential match based on personality and interests is a good choice on the quest to create the ideal Arian race..or uh…genetically healthy children.


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