Posted by: garispang | May 31, 2009

Healthcare Recruitment Company Promises Large Salaries and Luxurious Lifestyles

doctor-searching-vacation-200Since there is an overwhelming stigma that doctors are so devoted to their work to a degree that they forfeit all other aspects of life (whether true or not in every case), one medical recruitment company in New Zealand hopes to break the mould by placing doctors in high-paying jobs that still allow them to have active social and family lives. Sound too good to be true? Perhaps, but read on, because they claim that even when working in the healthcare industry, it’s possible to have it all!

MedRecruit is a free recruitment service for doctors (not for the healthcare providers looking to hire) that emphasizes making money in your chosen career, while still enjoying all of your favorite pastimes. Apparently, this is one healthcare recruitment company that can work miracles, because not only do they promise you a job that allows you to live your chosen lifestyle on your terms, they promise to double your current salary at the same time. For job hunters in a down economy, this is a great service that comes with only positive benefits; and if it’s a recruitment service that lives up to their promises, doctors really can live the high life!


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