Posted by: garispang | May 27, 2009

Self Employment as a Path of Spiritual and Personal Growth

Of all the paths you will follow in life, self-employment may be the most challenging and enriching.
Every day that you work for yourself is a day you come face to face with your worldview and my belief system. Working for yourself is a constant reminder that success is determined more by your state of mind than by external events.

Here are a few practical implications of self-employment as a path of personal and spiritual growth.
How do they line up with your experience? What might they mean for your business?

1. You are responsible for the value of your work and for how it is perceived in the world.
The value that your clients place on your work is not likely to exceed the value you place on it.

2. Prosperity is directly related to your priorities.
It is up to you to be clear about what prosperity means for you and to make these things a priority.

3. Prosperity is also directly related to your expectations.
When you expect the best, you make the most of each opportunity, including the opportunities disguised as disappointments.

4. Your experience of success and failure is directly related to your fundamental expectations about life.
If you believe that things generally go wrong, they will.

5. Marketing is an inside job.
When you understand that marketing is reaching out to your “just-right” client, it becomes natural, effortless, and sustainable.

6. The best attitude in the world is insufficient without action.
You get results when you walk your talk.

7. When you are doing your right work, you bless everyone around you.
The more on purpose and prosperous you are, the more those blessings seed purpose and prosperity for others.

8. When you laugh at and learn from your mistakes, you profit from adversity.

9. When you are clear that your business is a gift and when you trust that more will be given, you surf the shifting tides of success with grace and good humor.

10. When you are willing to know what you want and to ask for it, you are likely to get it (or something of greater value).

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