Posted by: garispang | May 14, 2009

Dating by Scent

Dating by ScentWe’ve seen a lot of matching making sites, but dating by body odour? That’s new to us, which is why were intrigued by scent matching websites like

Scientific evidence is conclusive that if the opposite sex likes your stink, you are golden. The term is major histocompatibility complexes (MHC).

“The basisnote scent tests serve to determine your individual scent profile by means of your scent preferences or your genes. In situations where the nose cannot smell anything – e.g. in the search for a partner via Internet – the tests replace the human sense of smell and make it possible to match individual scents,” the dating site says.

“The basisnote scent matching procedure compares two profiles at a time and reveals how well they are suited to each other and what the chance is that the chemistry between the two persons will match.”

There is no doubt that MHC is real, and a select few dating sites are trying to leverage this in the highly competitive world of online dating.

Guys! More proof you don’t need to shower.

Scent matching enables you to compare your scent profile with that of your Internet acquaintance. That the nose and brain evaluate the scent of other persons and that the genes play an important role in the choice of a partner is scientifically proven. The scent profiles of two individuals are best suited to one another if their genes complement each other optimally. (en.basisnote)


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