Posted by: garispang | May 10, 2009

Self-Promotional Ads For Jobless Advertisers

Unemployed Egyptian Pharaohs

Unemployed Egyptian Pharaohs

This self-promotional effort by an unemployed Egyptian team of art directors and copywriters is simply brilliant.

The bored and jobless advertising enthusiasts figured the best way to attract attention from ad agencies is by showing their skills with ads about themselves. They become the product.

The team (which could be contacted at asked their friend Hussein Shabban to photograph these fun, witty ads. We see the two man team lounging on the bed in their messy bedroom and fighting with Star Wars-style light sabers in a shop. They are obviously bored and jobless.

In order to communicate their nationality to the International ad agencies, the guys don masks of Egyptian Pharaohs and gods.

The ads were published in July 2008, and I have a feeling these guys won’t be out of work for long.

See another creative self-promotion in the ad world:

Packaged Brains – Poly-Wrapped Business Card

Packaged Brains Poly-Wrapped Business Card

In today’s competitive marketplace, you have to go out there and actively promote yourself if you want to advance in your career. And that is exactly what Mari Pettersson did.

As a fresh newcomer in freelancing, Pettersson wanted to approach some creative directors by delivering them a small poly-wrapped meat tray containing ‘a fresh brain’, which is her business card. The label on each package, which she delivered herself to the reception of each agency, was personalized for each creative director.

The label said: “Fresh Brain, For “name of person”. Contains: Concepts, brainwaves, 360 thinking, experience, ambition”, his phone number under the barcode, the date of packing and the “best before” date.

I think out of all the creative self promotion stories I have seen in Trend Hunter, this is certainly my favorite. Not only did it showcase her originality, aggressiveness, and cleverness, it also spoke to these creative directors in their own language. The language of ideas and out of the box thinking.

Not satisfied with his local effort in Auckland, New Zealand, Pettersson designed this sample package with a fake director name (but his real phone number), and sent it along with a short description to advertising blogs and sites. That led to publishing his creative effort in these sites, which led to me writing this trend about it. Oh the power of innovative thinking….


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