Posted by: garispang | April 26, 2009

Sexy ad for divorce attorney gets pulled

If the goal of advertising is to draw attention to your company and the services it offers, FGA Law Firm accomplished that in spades. This “Life’s short. Get a divorce.” billboard was removed from its downtown Chicago location after one week, ironically because no permit had been obtained for the over-sized sign. The decision was not content-related, according to the city alderman. Corri Fetman and Kelly Garland, the attorneys responsible for the ad aren’t happy: “They ripped our billboard down without due process. We own that art. I feel violated,” said Fetman, although he did add that the sign had served its purpose, bringing in many new clients (I’m sure it also drew its share of angry calls).

This raises an interesting question about the purpose of marketing and advertising: Is it really just about drawing attention? If that’s the case, are we just feeding the monster by criticizing products like the Cocaine energy drink, or Spyke alcoholic beverages? What about Camel cigarettes?

I don’t know that I have an answer; in some ways not all publicity is good publicity. In the case of the FGA Law Firm, some divorcees may see the ad as cynical and opt for a firm that takes a more sensitive approach to the business of divorce. At least, I’d like to think that kind of advertising would turn off a lot of potential clients.

In the meantime, this Chicago law firm is getting exposure in nationwide media outlets including the USA Today. Will it pay off financially too?


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